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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mercury Stations Direct

Photo by Delia McManus
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Mercury stations direct early tomorrow in the a.m. (2:21) in the sign of Sagittarius.  If you have been one of those long distance travelers you may have encountered Mercury Retrograde directly.  As is always suggested during Mercury Retro times, it is best to expect delays when traveling.  Sagitarrius rules over long distance and international travel.  Cooling your heals in London's Heathrow airport was the fate of many, canceled airline fights, snow filled roads and mudslides to the West.

The next two or three days can be extra "ditzy" when the little bugger is getting ready to move forward again.  But, the silver lining is that Mercury often brings new information up to the surface...things that we just "didn't know" beforehand which in turn, helps us to better understand certain situations in our lives - the "truth" can come out during this time period.  CHECK OUT MY BLOG TO SEE WHERE MERCURY RETRO'D FOR YOUR SIGN - Week of December 10th.

We are also in between an Eclipse pattern.  The Moon is waning, never a great time for new starts and Mercury's slow movement forward is adding to the "holding pattern."  In other words, allow yourself the prudence and time for new actions/initiatives after the January 4th Solar Eclipse.  So, if it ain't broke...don't fix it.  Allow for extra time when commuting and careful with your email and FM messages as there is more room for misunderstandings....k?  Got it?

You may also start to "really" understand some things that eluded you before...retracing our steps can be very, very useful.  Love - Jean

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - December 21st at 3:14 EST

MONDAY - Mercury is squaring Uranus your senses may feel over stimulated today - is it real or is it memorex? Mental over stimulation may be the feel of the day and Mercury in retrograde may not be adding to clarity of perception.  If you're feeling scatter brained ponder the idea that sometimes the soup of ideas and thoughts need to be stirred up (while feeling confused) in order to let new possibilities come to light.

Over the next two days expect information to come to the fore that affects how you are feeling.  This Eclipse is at the last degree of Gemini (ruled by Mercury) so there is a sense of completion surrounding this Eclipse.  There is something in your life that NEEDS to change, no doubt about it and it WILL but don't rush to final decisions or conclusions quite yet.  There is an unfolding taking place and like good wine should not be rushed.

PLENTY of change will be ushered in in the first few months of 2011 and this Eclipse is part of the process...to bring us more information and solutions but the time to act may not present itself until next year.  Coagulate and ponder in the interim.  Emotions may be strong today and tomorrow so please indulge in some high levels of self-care and love, no need to push the river...just BE.  Use this time to focus on the best possible feelings for yourself and others - I call it positive segmenting (I'm sure I read that term somewhere but given the vast amount of information I've studied in the past 25 years I've assumed it as my own). 

Positive Segmenting is about staying in the "feelings" of what you want to experience...not an intellectual exercise but rather a FEELING playfulness of daydreaming.  Daydreaming is a very useful function when you are creating your experiences - children are masters of it and adults tend to be socialized "out" of it. 

Please practice patience with yourself and others....not a time to push, push, push but to engage in human "beingness."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, December 18th

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I'll be taking a break Christmas week but will have January's Video Scopes up the following week.  Safe travels and please be kind to your fellow journeymen and women.  Cheers!

As we wind down these final weeks of 2010 my thoughts turn to the immense change awaiting us in 2011..are you breathing a sigh of relief?  I am.  A year of backtracking, wading through the mire, learning the art of patience, and deepening our understanding of ourselves and the precocious world around us.  We are collectively finishing up some long term cycles next year - Uranus moves into Aries in March for a 7 year stay, Neptune and Chiron embark upon (tentatively at first) a move from Aquarius into Pisces.

The big news for 2011 will be the Uranus square Pluto from Aries to Capricorn.  We have already been experiencing "tastes" of this combination.  This cycle represents the breaking down of structures - political, financial, and organizationally.   That which we have deemed a permanent fixture in life is set to be redefined in order to establish a stronger and improved version.  But, the erosion and breaking down of said entities is the first order of business.  Like the shoring of a house, things break down and get messy before a clean-up and stronger foundation can be built.  Wiki Leaks is a prime example of messy bureaucratic breakdowns showing a disparaging contrast between what power brokers communicate to it's public's and it's actual agenda.  At this writing circuitous legal paths will likely be blocked by the same insurmountable obstacle:  the First Amendment.  Governments and corporations can either tighten their security practices or aspire to a level of transparency where there is no corruption and law breaking to hide! 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls on the 21st of December at the last degree of Gemini...a time when copious amounts of information may be flowing and the ability to sift through what is important as well as relevant may require some extra focus.  Mercury shifts back into Sagittarius on the 18th a day of flowing social interaction and sudden surprises.  The 19th adds to the intellectual and travel theme with Mercury conjunct the Sun - double check your travel plans and go with the flow.

Christmas day shows an easy energy during the afternoon hours but please don't equate gifts received with personal value.  The Moon shifts from Leo into analytical Virgo.  New Year's eve has an upbeat buoyant energy with the Moon moving into Sagittarius at 8:22 p.m. EST.  

ARIES:  How you think, process information, communicate to others in your immediate environment and travel from point A to B are all areas affected by the Lunar Eclipse.  A feeling of "lack" may be evident and needed changes will be flowing your way over the next few months.  You are on the precipice of a very exciting 2011.  Mars continues to motivate your goals in career and community visibility.

TAURUS:  Earned income, your value systems and self-esteem are areas the Lunar Eclipse will be magnifying.  Anticipate changes and enhancements to these areas into 2011...something may disappear and be released in order to be replaced with something more relevant to your current needs.  Venus continues through your partnership house into January - sweet!.

GEMINI:  Your personal identity and health are being reviewed and revised during this Eclipse season.  The next 18 months portend a time of self-reinvention.  Your energy and health may not be strong now, rest and nurture self as much as possible this month.  How you perceive your environment influences your interaction style.  Partnership dynamics will be very different for you into 2012...a time of shifting in how you interact with others.  Work and day to day habits continue to bring sweet and supportive energy.  Mercury is retrograde till the 30th - try to keep your schedule on the lighter side.

CANCER:  You may find yourself in the role of caretaker this month or perhaps it is you who needs some extra rest and rejuvenation.  The Eclipse affects the axis of your chart affecting health, rest, the need to care for another, and work demands.  Build in extra time around the days of the 21st to engage in some "me" time as others may be needing you too!    Partnerships continue to be demanding but take refuge in the love pouring forth from both friends and your children.

LEO:  Children may be the catalyst for surprises and changes in planning this holiday season.  Friends and lovers may also require a deeper level of emotional understanding from you Lion.  Keep your roar to a minimum and slip into the state of a philosopher....this too shall pass.  This is a long term trend of redefining your relationships with others, and cultivating your personal levels of joy and creativity.  You may create a masterpiece of some sort in the next year and a half resulting in you experiencing a level of passion that's been missing for years.  Home continues to be your haven of peace and joy.

VIRGO:  Home, career direction, your parents, where and "how" you live and emotional security are the areas the Lunar Eclipse is setting her sights upon over the next 18 months.  Home and family needs may require some flexibility on and around the 21st.  Home fixtures may require some repair, an unexpected guest or family member may pop up or conversely a holiday guest may not be able to attend the festivities!  Confidence continues with your creative endeavors and Venus is still blessing your communications.  Continue to be flexible with the schedule with your ruler Mercury still in retrograde motion.

LIBRA:  Travel may be a bugga boo around Eclipse time....take your time, get your car serviced and plan for delays and the unexpected.  The long term vibrations of the next several months will affect your levels of communication and by this summer you may find you are traveling more frequently as well - probably work related.  Publishing projects may come to the fore as can teaching and speaking activity.  Your view of the world around you is changing and broadening.  Earned income is still blessed with your ruler Venus transiting your 2nd house.  Partnerships both of the personal and business kind will take up more of your energy and focus in 2011.

SCORPIO:  Money you earn, commissions, venture capital, loans, taxes, and business contracts come into frame over the next several months.  The Eclipse "may" bring a feeling of lack in one or two of these areas but please know changes will continue to evolve into 2011.  Venus "should" be infusing you with a feeling of well-being, attractiveness and attraction, and people who seem to be more willing to help you out.  Next year shows expansion and the need for flexibility in the areas of work and health.  A happy addition may come in the form of a furry friend by this spring.

SAGITTARIUS:  Areas of change are falling in your partnership axis Archer.  You may find a relationship on it's way out around Eclipse time but this is a far reaching influence designed to change and refine how you "do" relationships and engage in relating.  Who we are is directly related to who we attract, and changes are afoot.  The Sun's transit of your sign is strengthening your sense of self, and Uranus and Jupiter will be taking up residence in the area of love affairs and creativity beginning the first quarter of 2011.  Expect these areas to be a focus of growth and learning for you well into 2011.  

CAPRICORN:  Energetic, decisive and assertive can all be descriptors of you in the past few weeks.  Yet, the Eclipse seems to signal the need for some rest and downtime.  You may be called upon to be of service to someone who needs your care and support around the Eclipse.  Work may feel like a resentful taskmaster pushing and pulling your responsibilities between self and others.  Friends continue to provide a glowing light of support and pleasure.

AQUARIUS:  Friendships, creative projects, groups, alliances and the affairs of your children are areas of change and growth over the next several months.  The Eclipse sets off a new trend that may find some friendships and romantic liaisons heading south and out the door.  But, the Water Bearer has the gift of detachment and objectivity when facing changing circumstances.  What is leaving now will be replaced by projects and people that more aptly reflect who you are becoming - trust that.  Training, classes, technology and communication projects are on tap for you in 2011.

PISCES:  Circumstances surrounding your family roots, home, career direction and role within your community is changing in the long term.  What changes and leaves your life around Eclipse time will be well rewarded as you move into 2011.  Something needs to change in order for you to build on your developing emotional resources.  Friends continue to play an active role in your life and Jupiter is upping the ante on new and exciting opportunities before he leaves your sign in January.  Embrace the good.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, December 10th

ASTROLOGY SERVICES / HOLIDAY Gift Certificates                                                                                                                                We are entering a complex few weeks - Mercury the planet of communications, technology, travel and commerce is heading south for the remainder of the month (think mid-January actually).  The information you receive over the next few weeks may not be entirely accurate, people may believe they have all the facts but it's just not so.   On top of that we are entering Eclipse season beginning on the 21st although we often start feeling these potent energies earlier.

Spend less, travel less and focus on what you TRULY want to do.  Do what you can to de-stress this month.   Focus on what YOU want  - what is comforting and nurturing to you?  Too much accommodation to others will leave you resentful and irritated.  Take it EASY this month.  People tend to get a little more introspective during Mercury retrogrades so take the time to align with your authentic feelings and needs.

The 13th and 14th are sharp, insightful and in some cases ruthless with both Mars and Mercury conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn.  If there are things bubbling below the surface look to this time period for eruptions.  A powerful time for problem solving and connecting with transformative energies as long as it's not projected onto others.

ARIES:   Work, travel, promotions and marketing are the focus of Mercury's retrograde motion.  Please don't launch any new marketing campaigns this month as they will fall lifelessly on non-responsive ears.  A productive time to PLAN your sales and marketing objective for 2011.  Travel could be an exercise in patience so schedule in extra time and back-up plans.

TAURUS:  Mercury influences the areas in your life regarding shared income, financial agreements, travel, your philosophies of life, and personal situations/emotions that are no longer relevant.  It will take some time to come to sure-footed conclusions so take your time.  Traveling can bring a snafu or two so don't expend the energy on anger and frustration....something cool may transpire on that unplanned "lay over."

GEMINI:  You know the routine twins - scale back on your expectations when your ruling planet Mercury settles in for a 3 week nap.  Significant others from your past may re-appear and there appears to be some closure and learning with all of your important interactions.  Loans, commissions and taxes may require you to take a unblinking and extremely pragmatic route into the future.

CANCER:  Money and financial arrangements may come up for review on Monday and Tuesday.  There is some intensity around this so be very clear about your worth and what you need to feel like a valued player in the game of life.  If others appear to be "strong-arming" you in an unnecessary fashion try not to descend to a level of response that you will most definitely regret later.  Keep all dealings above board and respectful.

LEO:  On the job communications and power plays may leave you scratching your head.  On the other hand, YOU may be the person applying the pressure and demands.  Issues of money, power or both?  This Mercury retro period sees you pondering the value of work, love, your children's welfare and creative projects.

VIRGO:  Children fly back to the nest this month, love affairs slow down and you also need some downtime lounging and working at home.  Increase your communications with family members and give them your ear.  Some sort of intense demanding energy on Monday/Tuesday finds you diving below the superficial to better "understand" the implications.  

LIBRA:  Matters with family members, appliances in the home, and various and asundry communication functionality may be troublesome over the next few weeks.  Slow it down Lib and keep your calender on the light side.  There are more details to be gathered for the month of  January so take you time and be as thorough as possible.  

SCORPIO:  Powerful communication is on your agenda Monday and Tuesday, but, you may not know that yet.  You have the intellectual powers this week to get to the bottom of any problems that may be troubling you.  Expect some laser like insights both from yourself and others.  Car mechanics, travel glitches, and writing snafus may visit you during this retrograde period - you are in an information gathering mode.

SAGITTARIUS:  Earned income and issue of self-worth may come up for your review on Monday and Tuesday.  Anger and frustration can be motivating forces when harnessed in a focused and ethical manner.  Sometimes we need a little ire to get us going.  Don't plan on any real headway to be made until mid-January as this is a planning stage.  The Sun is still in your sign providing plenty of energy and impetus.

CAPRICORN:  Expect to be the unwittingly receiver and deliverer of faulty information.  Not your true intentions just the fodder of a retrograding Mercury.  January is really the time to make informed decisions, and with the sun transiting your sign in the New Year you'll have a much better picture of how best to proceed.  Please restrain yourself from power skirmishes on Monday and Tuesday.  Point your laser focused intellect on higher minded endeavors.

AQUARIUS:  Some uncomfortable rumblings are taking place in the area of life that deals with things hidden from view.  Your dreams may also reveal some obscured truths.  Pay attention to them, especially on Monday and Tuesday when the planets of ego and intellect conjunct the "plummet the depths" planet Pluto.  Friendships remain a source of attention and activity - your future goals too.

PISCES:  Friendships, your life goals and group associations may confuse you over the next few weeks.  This is not the time to try to unravel all of the information flowing your way....the way forward will become clear in the New Year.  For now, you've got plenty to keep you busy with the Sun transiting your house of Career and Community Visibility.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

John Lennon...a peek inside the man

Today is the 30th anniversary of Lennon's death.  He was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool.

Aries Rising shows a man comfortable in asserting himself and his viewpoint - an energetic man often on the go.  His SUN, MARS and North Node are all in LIBRA in the 6th house of work and day to day living showing a person with strong intellectual prowess and the ability to articulate his views of equality and the need for balance in life.  His Mercury in SCORPIO placed in the house of others (as well as enemies) further deepens his ability to transcend the superficial and get to the heart of the matter.

Moon is in Aquarius in his 11th House of Friendship and Group Alliance.  His emotional well being was enhanced by being part of a group (of course) of like minded individuals.  Aquarius is the social activist interested in fairness for humanity as a whole. 

John also had 3 planetary powerhouses in Taurus backing up his Librian need for beauty, harmony and his powerful songwriting and musical abilities.  Venus in Virgo/5th house - love of children, love and a flowing creative expression...meticulous too.

Capricorn mid-heaven showed he was a man who understood establishment and power giving him the tools to be the social activist who left his indelible imprint in the social fabric.

Thank you for your contributions Mr. Lennon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Meaning and Symbolism of WEATHER in Dreams

FB - OBX Astrology and Sea of Dreams      

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Excerpt from Jean's Book, "The Inner World, Exploring Your Dreams."  Jean has been a precognitive dreamer since childhood, has studied dreams all of her life and has kept a dream journal for over 25 years. 

Notice the weather in your dreams as it represents emotional and mental orientation.  Weather sets the tone of the dream and the action within the dream.  If it is bright and sunny, the overall message is positive and helpful.  Dark and stormy weather indicates a challenging situation.

Cloudy weather - uncertainty, confusion, ill at ease.  Storm Clouds show a state of unhappiness and anger.

Hurricane - emotional conflict, feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  Mental and emotional confusion.

Rain - emotional cleansing, unhappy emotions, depressing thoughts or spiritual activity.

Snow - frozen and cold emotions.  Asking for help shoveling snow - seeking help to move out of an unhappy situation; slow but inevitable progress.  When another helps you shovel snow - support from another.  Skiing - moving quickly over an emotionally cold or unpleasant situation.

Storms - emotional anger, violence, strong discomfort; trouble brewing

Sunny - bright and clear information; uplifting; positivity

Tornado - mental fervor; tumultuous thoughts; confusion; obsessive thinking

WATER represents our emotional natures.  Being hit with tidal waves or fear of drowning can indicate that we are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.  Our dreams can also communicate a need/desire to use more of our emotional and intuitive gifts.  Water is the feminine, emotional, or receptive side of our human personality.  Spirituality is often symbolized in dreams by the movement of and in water.  Swimming in water can represent actively working with and expressing our emotional and intuitive development.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


FB - OBX Astrology and Sea of Dreams         

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DECEMBER marks the month of aeronautical success when the Wright Brothers completed their first flight on December 17th 1903.  We filmed at the Wright Brothers memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC to honor that tremendous accomplishment.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!

Filmed by Jonathan Clark, owner of Outer Banks TV.  
In addition to their video services they also provide beautiful photography services as well.  His website is under construction so please contact him at 757.647.8508 or by email at  jclark@outerbanks.tv.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, November 26th

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Energetic shifts occur this week as the energy ruling communications and contracts moves into disciplined and organized Capricorn.  People will be talking and conducting "business" in the time leading up to the holidays.  This energy, Mercury, begins to retrograde the 2nd week of December.  A word to the wise?  Get your shopping done prior to mid-December if at all possible as gifts purchased under a Mercury Retro see the highest returns post holiday.

The FALL of 2010 has been all about reviewing relating patterns concerning things you value, love relationships and earning power.  The Goddess, Venus, leaves Libra and moves back into Scorpio on Monday the 29.  The wind is at her back and resolutions are experienced as Venus takes action on her remedial reviews.  A much better time ahead for relating and finances. 

ARIES:  Mars makes both inspired and edgy contacts on Thursday, Dec. 2.  Friends, future planning, travel and marketing can feel both compassionate and irritating.  You feel the need to take action but please remember the adage regarding "mistakes born out of haste," in other words, sleep on it.  Significant business communication and contracts engages you through the holidays.  A good time for money deals but after the first week in December please wait to sign on the dotted line until January 2011.

TAURUS:   You're feeling clearer and more "with it" about your relationships and your personal value.  You have the opportunity to straighten out any relationship glitches that may have occurred this fall, and this in turn helps to grounds you.  Dec. 1 offers up a day of compassionate and healing communications.  Money squabbles may appear on the 2 but tapping into your personal reserves of patience and understanding helps to soothe all involved.

GEMINI:  Resources, your stuff, and their stuff will be a focus for you throughout the next several weeks.  Mercury retrogrades in the area of you life that deals with shared "things," intimacy, commissions, loans and debts.  Dec. 2 is an interesting day for partnership as both compassion and irritation, are emotions that bubble up to the surface, choose to focus on the former rather than the latter.  Do not engage in negative actions but rather wait for a "new day" in which to respond. 

CANCER:  Partners, expressing yourself with important others, and business dealings are energized for the next several weeks. Things will need to be revisited come mid-Dec.  Children, matters of the heart and labors of love are a pleasant and comforting influence - enjoy.  

LEO:  With the Sun in faith based and "ready to take risks" Sagittarius, you are feeling energized and frisky.   Risks that you dared not take just a short time earlier fade into small blips on your radar screen.  A time for play Leo and we all know you LOVE that.  Children, creative projects and matters of the heart are the recipients of your enthusiasm.  Home matters flow along smoothly.

VIRGO:  Your thoughts turn to children, pet projects, extra-curricular activities, and amore for the next several weeks.   Plan for extra time in these areas when your ruler Mercury turns retro in mid-December (although you will begin to feel it earlier).  Your communications are extra pleasing to others now and you may receive a few heart felt bits of correspondence yourself!

LIBRA:  Venus leaves your sign on Monday and moves into the area of of earned income.  Expect a profitable month through December.  You are loving what you do and feel the joy of earning what you're worth.  When you love what you do abundance follows and your work doesn't "feel" like work.  Yum!  A great month for networking and making connections.

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SCORPIO:   You are going to have to face the fact that you are simply more attractive to others now - sorry to break the news.  People are just a bit more friendlier and willing to lend you a hand.  You are spending more this month but a higher income bracket should arrive early next year.  A good time for writing, teaching and signing contract - until the 2nd week of December only!  Wait for new contractual arrangements to unfold in January.

SAGITTARIUS:  Energy and an added dose of confidence are your bedfellows for the next few weeks.  You've enjoyed pleasant and supportive friendship and group alliances over the past few weeks, and now it's time for a little "floating".  Solo projects and private time are extra appealing and comforting now.  Thoughts and planning around money and income vie for your attention throughout the end of the year. 

CAPRICORN:  You are feeling more communicative Goat.  Much of your planning and thoughts have been of a personal and private nature but you are now ready to bring some of them to light.  Allow yourself plenty of time to dot the i's and cross the t's as Mercury moves into retro in YOUR sign mid-December.  January will be the time period to sign on the dotted line.  Friends are a pleasure for you now and it is a good time meet new people.

AQUARIUS:  Things are straightening out in the areas of work, reputation and good will.  Expect some admiration and acknowledgment to come your way from important others in your work circles and community.  You are extra appealing and the spotlight that now shines on you confirms it.  Your thoughts and communications take on a more personal and perhaps secretive flavor....out of necessity?

PISCES:  More communications with your circle of friends, as well as people from your past, are making re-appearances in mid-December.  Life philosophies, broadness of vision, travel, and people at a distance are granting you favors and blessing you with an extra dose of "well-being."  In-laws and legal projects are positively favored.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week Beginning Friday, November 19th

 The Full Moon on the 21st shines bright in Taurus and asks the question what makes you feel secure and balanced?  What do others in your life need to feel secure and balanced?  The energy is about give and take both emotionally and financially.  Venus is now fully engaged after turning direct on the 18th to lend clarity and wisdom in these very areas (she rules the sign of Taurus).  

Friday is an inventive day so be awake and aware.  Ideas catch fire on Saturday, copious amounts of discussions, email, phone calls, and travel near and far take place providing an outlet for thoughts and ideas.

The Sun shifts into Sagittarius on Monday leaving the watery intensity of a very Scorpionic fall.  We can begin to see, not just feel, the way ahead.  People express themselves more confidently and directly (sometimes bluntly) in the weeks ahead.  Details and information will continue to unfold throughout Dec. 
The Thanksgiving holiday has a family oriented feel with the Moon in Cancer.  It's an upbeat and friendly day with a few exaggerations thrown in here and there for good measure.

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ARIES:  Travel, publishing and marketing fill your thoughts and activities for the next few weeks.  The need to share, teach and market your wares is prevalent now.  The Full Moon is about give and take, the sharing of money and resources and an awareness of what your needs are without eclipsing the needs of others.  Saturday captures your imagination and your need for creative expression with others.

TAURUS:  You need a bit of attention with the Full Moon in your sign, especially if life has felt a bit too "other" oriented.  The lesson of asserting yourself without stepping on others toes has been a theme for the past several weeks.  Venus is "righting" herself in the area that affects your work, co-workers and health.  Positive feelings unfold now as does comprehension through the end of the month.

GEMINI:  If you feel an overwhelming need for downtime and to be alone you are in tune with the Full Moon energies.  You've been busy...running here and there and interacting with others at a higher than normal energy level.  It's time for some rest and reflection.  Work and personal situations may come to light and provide you with deeper understanding.  The pace picks up even further with the Sun's movement into the area ruling "others."  Get some rest this weekend.

CANCER:  As I've communicated many times before, the cycles of the Moon are stronger bellwethers of your emotional climate than any other sign.  The Full Moon this weekend may find you needing and wanting more recognition from others.  The role you play in other people's lives is important for your happiness right now.  The Sun's shift this week increases the focus on work and health.

LEO:  The Sun is leaving its influence over your home and family and is shifting into the area of FUN - woo hoo!  Urges to gamble both financially and emotionally are always strong for you at this time of the year.  Creative characters may start populating your world on a regular basis for the next few weeks.  The need to step-up, shine in the spotlight, and be noticed is reflected during the Full Moon.  Recognition on the job won't be surprising either.

VIRGO:  Circle Saturday as your day to get er done with home projects, moving, renovating, organizing and inspiring.  The Sun's shift into Sagittarius reinforces this trend over the next few weeks.  The Full Moon on Sunday sees you needing a break from the logical world of facts and engaging in some plain ole fun!  Your adventurous side needs some attention.

LIBRA:  Miss and Mr. Scales can now move forward in self-beautifying projects now that your artistic guide Venus is waking out of her 6 week slumber.  Clothes shopping and new coiffures receive the green light.  Your need to communicate as well as your mental prowess is raised a notch with the Sun's movement into Sagittarius.  The Full Moon indicates a time to settle some debts and loan payments, it can also be a time when others need you more.

SCORPIO:  The planetary party is moving out your energetic center and influencing other areas of your life (with the exception of Venus who will be back for another go round at the end of the month).  The Sun's shift heightens your focus and awareness around earning money and self-esteem  as the two are undeniably intertwined.  A theme you've been visiting for a while now; you are undergoing a process no doubt about it.  The solid results will show up early next year.  Full Moon fever asks you to compromise and negotiate with important others.

SAGITTARIUS:  Energy and initiative have led the way but now the Sun joins the party in your sign adding a measure of understanding and integration about who you are and what you want to experience in your journey called life.  Saturday brings strong cognitive and intellectual insight.  Use the surge of emotional insight you receive on the Full Moon to initiate exercise and nutritional regimes.  Discontent within your working environment needs to be addressed.

CAPRICORN:  Every year, around this time, you are finishing up a yearly cycle only to be renewed again with your new solar year next month.  But for now, you need more downtime, privacy, rest and introspection.  See it as a time to replenish, review and rejuvenate.  You need some fun "me" time free of schedules and to cavort with your lover and/or children on the Full Moon - take it!

AQUARIUS:  I've been writing about friendships and groups in your forecast water bearer.  And the same theme continues.  You have a need to align with like-minded individuals in order to feel more whole right now.  Groups, clubs, associations, friends...wherever you find clumps of people meeting to achieve some sort of goal is where it's "at" for you over the next few weeks.  Recognize it, embrace it and act upon it.  A home or family matter grabs your attention on the Full Moon.

PISCES:  Your career, public persona and community activities have required much of your energy.  The Sun's shift into this very domain adds an element of self-direction where as of late you have felt directed by others!  Get it?  You are still busy in your public life but a balance between what you need for your own well being is also nudging it's way into your consciousness.  Trust the insights you receive regarding what you need to function vs. how others want you to function.  The mundane areas of your life require attention on the Full Moon.  Running errands, returning phone calls and handling the trivia or is it trivial?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dreaming of HOUSES


The beautiful historically preserved Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC

HOUSES represent attitudes, opinions, identities the soul and lifestyle.  Houses represent the foundations in our lives including:  family history and upbringing, long held attitudes and beliefs and how we fundamentally view ourselves as human beings.

DREAMER:  "I am attending an outdoor auction.  They are auctioning off houses that are on lakes.  I end up going into the water and swimming.  I am swimming to the house that is higher than the other houses.  It is on an incline above the others.  Everyone else is sitting in the lower valley looking across the water at the other houses.  I continue to swim on the upper level to that house..it is beautiful, white and sunny." 

This man, a client of mine, is speaking of his desire to work at  a higher, more compassionate and spiritual level in his life (going in the water and swimming...being actively involved emotionally and spiritually).  He feels those around him are more concerned with the day to day mundaness of living and are not interested in engaging with the spiritual side of self (everyone else is sitting in the lower valley).  He is seeking to evolve (in his opinion) into a more spiritually compassionate being (I continue to swim to that beautiful, white and sunny house).  

A beautiful dream reflecting his spiritual awareness and desires.

DREAMER:  "I am at someone's house, a very nice house; it's light and bright.  It is very expensive and nice.  We are all playing and laughing.  The home owner, a woman, is really enjoying the party.   I am seeing this from a higher viewpoint and am floating up near the ceiling and seeing this house."

A precognitive dream I had about a woman who I had yet to meet.  I met her two months later (floating up near the ceiling...a higher viewpoint).  In this case knowing something before it had transpired. My new friend had just finished building a lovely, comfortable and lavish home.  I am specifically found of lots and lots of windows (light and bright house).  My friend did a lot of entertaining and her home was a place full of laughter and conversation (we are playing, laughing and having so much fun).


Week Starting Friday, November 12th

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.  45 minute taped report (cassette or MP3) covering the natal birthchart and the outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00.

An uncanny timing is evident with both Venus and Jupiter moving in forward motion on the 18th.  Planets don't "actually" turn backwards in the skies but from our heliocentric viewpoint they appear to move retrograde.  Imagine riding a train that passes a slower moving train...the train you are passing appears to be moving backwards.  In interpretive astrology when a planet slows down it suggests that the energies in which the planet rules slow down too.

Venus won't be out of her "shadow period," back to the point in which she started to retrograde, until December 20th.  Again, Venus rules the arts, commerce, affection, love, and the law of attraction.  Areas put on hold the 1st week of October start to make headway from the 18th onward.  BUT, new opportunities don't really start presenting themselves until Dec. 20th and after.

Venus Retro is not typically considered a fortuitous time to meet a new love or business partner UNLESS you had met previous to the retrograde.  If you find new information popping up about your current paramour give credit to Venus as the information flow starts to circulate once again.

ARIES:  On the 15th Mars makes contacts with pragmatic Saturn.  Expect an effective day for work and planning. Venus starts to gain traction in your area of partnerships - new information is coming your way.  Jupiter's shift proves that there are protective personal forces at work on your behalf.

TAURUS:  Your period of introspective pondering was a useful endeavor right?  Thinking about the quality of relationships, the style in which you relate to other human beings, and the value of said relating  will soon ask you to put your actions where your pondering have lain.  The essence of this is "How do you treat others?"  Are you consistent?  How do your personal agendas come into play?  Congruency is about having your words match your actions.

GEMINI:  Your ruling planet Mercury has now reached the area in your life of "others."  Perhaps now, words can be articulated in order to explain your recent actions.  In addition, perhaps people populating your landscape can explain to you WHY they have done what they done.  Expect some sort of explanatory dawning that helps you to better understand the wild and woolly "goings on" that have been your experience as of late. 

CANCER:  New Moon power is still with you and your creative projects.  You have until the 21st to get these new labors of love formulated into a working plan.  Passion IS a motivating force for you, especially now...milk it for all that's it's worth!  Work continues to be busy with more than your average level of details and communiques to handle. 

LEO:  Circle the 15th as a day for inspired confidence coupled with disciplined and well executed action.  A home related project involving a creative flair may be your modus operandi...expect to feel very pleased with yourself too!   The 18th sees you tackling problems in an innovative manner.

VIRGO:  You have had your share of hurdles, challenges and adjustments to make in regard to your partnerships - no doubt about it.  Your "way" of being in relationship has been expanded and stretched, sometimes to the near breaking point. An obvious personal pay-off is coming your way leaving you with a feeling of both entitlement and joyous relief.

LIBRA:  Ghost and goblins have been clamoring along your hallways of self-doubt, self-worth and confidence. For all of our sake, I sincerely hope you have finally put them to rest and are now ready to move forward unencumbered by the old and outdated past.  Venus moves forward in your sign encouraging you to be the physically updated and confident you that we've all been waiting for.  

SCORPIO:  Family history and imprints are an interesting thing.  Psychologists know that early imprints are DEEP imprints especially when they are operating at the unconscious levels of the individual.  Your assignment has been to decipher and release any family baggage that keeps you bound up and effectively hindered from experiencing personal joy and abundance.  Time to talk turkey where money is concerned.

SAGITTARIUS:  OMG!  There is SO much to think about, talk about and write about.  You are "on" Archer and woe to the people who can't, won't or don't defer to your plans and ideas.  Mars is traveling through your sign indicating the possibility of your ego quotient being raised just a notch, "perhaps" a time to be mindful of righteousness?  A great time for physical exercise and sprucing up the abode.

CAPRICORN:  Saturn reaches out to Mars in a very helpful way combining initiative and planning surrounding the areas of career and behind the scenes activity.  Communications that were tabled last spring pop back to life in the ensuing months.  Sharing your thoughts with others both inspires and provides you with support and backing.  

AQUARIUS:  Money and earning power are well supported in the next few months.  Talks, deals and projects have been on hold but have faith that the green light will soon turn on again.  Word from afar may arrive around the 15th delivering good money news.  You are talking more with friends this month.

PISCES:  New opportunities may start presenting themselves towards the end of the month.  If things have felt stuck in the areas of travel, publishing, teaching or marketing, it is safe to expect some forward movement as Venus rights herself as well.  The 15th brings messages of things to come. 

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Week Starting Friday, November 5th

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.
45 minute taped report (cassette or MP3) covering the natal birthchart and the outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00.

The big news this week is Neptune moving forward as he has been slumbering since the end of May.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and is associated with idealism and compassion, but also with illusion, confusion, and deception.   Ideally when working in it's clearest form Neptune represents creativity, universal love (unconditional), spirituality and a deep and abiding compassion for others.

Chiron, the energy ruling teaching and healing moves forward on Friday.  Watch for fresh advances in medicine and the healing arts.  This planet also represents teaching what you have learned, sometimes through painful experiences....in order to help others who are experiencing similar difficulties.  

The New Moon is on Saturday, the 6th exact at 12:52 a.m. EST in the sign of Scorpio.  New Moons are a time to set "new" intentions and provides a two week window of fresh energy in which to initiate.  The energy ruling communications moves in the sign of Sagittarius on Monday indicating a three week period of more assertive, fiery, inspired and direct exchanges via telephone, email and through personal conversations.

ARIES:  Confusion surrounding friendships, next steps in future goal setting and the groups you belong to clears up with Neptune turning direct.   Novel friendships may be formed with especially inspiring individuals over the next few months. Communications with others at a distance grows more important this month.  The New Moon indicates new starts with intimacy, loans, trust and other people's resources.

TAURUS:    Have things been a tad confusing in the career department?  If so, expect your landscape to gradually clear giving you a better foothold on where you stand, who you can depend on and how to get to the next "step" regarding your vocational aspirations. The New Moon provides fresh impetus in both personal and professional partnerships.

GEMINI:  Travel, trips, dealings with people at a distance, marketing and publishing can all take on a novel and inspired approach with Neptune turning direct. Communications with others rises a notch and please do be aware that there is more "ego" energy involved so testiness abounds! The New Moon provides original emotional energy surrounding your working life.

CANCER:   Endings, beginnings, fears, confusion surrounding finances (especially involving other peoples money), intuitiveness and intimacy areas receive novel and increasing lucid energy as Neptune "rights" itself.  Dealing with creditors should become more straightforward too!  Communications increase with co-workers and there are more details to be handled this month.  The New Moon is great for love, creativity and activities with children.

LEO:  Neptune brings clarity to both personal and business partnerships.  If things have been murky and confusing since last May expect an increasing clarity of vision to show you the way in your interpersonal dealings with others.  People can be extra inspiring to you now.  Affairs of the heart, children and your creative endeavors infuses you with both irritation and initiative.  The New Moon brings novel emotional energy regarding your home and family.

VIRGO:  Work, co-workers, health, family pets and day to day habits may have fallen prey and been affected by Neptune's backtracking....well, expect the wheels to re-engage with it's forward movement.  If you've been experiencing health troubles that have been difficult to diagnose answers may now become easier to find over the next several months.  Home is usually your castle but you may find it feels a bit more like a battleground over the next several weeks.  Heightening the level of communication between family members will help to smooth things out.  The New Moon infuses your mental prowess with vim and vigor.

LIBRA:  On Sunday Venus retrogrades back into your sign (again).  Take this as a positive omen to get really clear on how you value self, what you value in others, and what is most important for your long term happiness!  Neptune helps with this process as he moves forward in your area ruling creativity, love and creative projects...vavoom!  You are also a communication magnet this month, so go forth and network, network, network.  The New Moon adds to the self-esteem vibe showing you the best avenues in which to generate income by doing that which you love.

SCORPIO:  Venus slips out of your sign on Sunday for a brief visit back into Libra.  She will revisit your sign at the end of the month and stay there through January.  Lucky you.  When she moves forward on the 18th you start to get really clear on where your passion and joy lies.  Your earning potential should increase as well.  Neptune's forward movement heightens the comfort principle in your home and with family.  The New Moon is all about you, what you want and how to get it.

SAGITTARIUS:  Neptune is helping you to think more inspired thoughts, communicate more creatively and to align with spirit.  The mental confusion you've experienced the past few months starts to dissipate and your path becomes clearer.  Mars and Mercury are speeding through your sign helping to provide the energy, articulation and self-confidence to act on Neptune's directives.  The New Moon gives renewed faith and belief in self and in your soul's journey.

CAPRICORN:  Inspired creative money making projects and intentions should start to be revived once again!  Go for your highest ideals and let things "unfold," k?  You are happier working on your own and behind the scenes this month as you need the freedom to do your own thing unencumbered by others opinions and suggestions.  The New Moon falls in your future aspirations sector and you may find a friend lending a hand and helping you to make a new and valuable contact.

AQUARIUS:  You have been on quite a journey water bearer, no doubt about it.  Just when you feel you have a "handle" on living an inspired and spirit driven life you hit a little bump in the road and away you float into negativity land.  Expect Neptune to come to your aid to help you really integrate the art of living a happy and contented life.  Friends are energetically taking up your time this month and you are happy to oblige.  The New Moon suggests novel approaches in your career.

PISCES:  Your very own ruling planet Neptune awakes from his 5 month nap and re-awakens your awareness of spirituality, soul growth and inner compassion.  This is a subtle shift that floats to you in waves asking you to heighten your attention to your inner world of well being, relaxation, dreaming and meditation.  Your career area is ablaze requiring even more communication and energy.  The New Moon helps you with original ideas in the areas of travel, teaching, long-distance communications, marketing and publishing.

Personal Horoscopes make wonderful Birthday and Christmas Gifts.
45 minute taped report (cassette or MP3) covering the natal birthchart and the outlook for the next 12 months.  Mention GIFT to me via jean@jeanwiley.com and you'll receive a $10 discount = $80.00. 

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